101 Prepper Tips: Simple Steps You Can Take NOW to Prepare for an Uncertain Future

7 Apr

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In this uncertain world, it is wise to learn to become more self sufficient. Whether it is a personal, natural, financial or government based disaster, you cannot always count on others to be there to lend a hand. 101 Prepper Tips offers many easy to implement tips that you can use today to get yourself and your family into a state where you can better take care of yourself no matter what misfortune gets thrown at you. The book is broken down into many sections to help you narrow in on the areas that are of the greatest concern to you right now. You will find a variety of tips related to:

  • Developing a preparedness mindset to get you focused on what you need to do to protect your family.
  • Financial Preparedness – protecting your vital assets, stretching your prepper dollars and much more.
  • Disaster preparation to be ready when the next natural disaster affects your community.
  • Water – how to find it, store it and make it safe to drink.
  • Food – how to build a storage system that makes sense to you and how to ensure that the food is always ready to eat when you are.
  • Home – Tips to harden your home against natural and man made disasters.
  • Health – How to get training, handle emergencies and essential supplies to have on hand.
  • Power – sources of light, energy, safe alternate power and more.
  • Evacuation – creating various types of bug out bags, safe travel, handling emergency situations.
  • Security… Communications… Networking and much more.

Each tip is self contained which makes 101 Prepper Tips and excellent reference guide. This lets you read the book to suit your needs. Just find the tips that are most important to you and your family now, invest a little time to read them and then execute them. Even finding and executing just a few useful tips in 101 Prepper Tips will go a long way towards keeping you and your family safe in an uncertain future.

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