Change Management Best Practices: Disaster Recovery Human Resources Management and Other Implications for Controlling Enterprise Change in the Kingdom of Thailand

19 Apr

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A must read if your blue ocean strategy and marketing plan are leading you to Bangkok, Thailand and Southeast Asia. The author set his plan in motion in November 2004, and moved to Thailand from Dallas, Texas, USA 3 days after the tsunami in 2004, and everything changed in the land of smiles. Bring a plan, bring money (and more money), and bring a mind ready to change, and change again. There is more than Murphy’s Law at work in your Change Management best practices. Your company logo may hang outside the office in Thailand, but inside your people, processes and tools are almost assured to be 180 degrees different than in your home office. This short, quick and inspiring book for entrepreneurs will cover topics including; change management of enterprise essentials such as project management, human resources, business continuity, risk management, talent acquisition, organizational development, the pace of change, and Thai-Buddhist culture in the work place and more. This book will help you create a tool kit for going local with your global enterprise, and stay on the path to success, where many before you have fallen by the wayside.

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