Christian Prepping 101: How To Start Prepping

6 Apr

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Prepping, Survival, SHTF, End Times, Series Vol 1 In this book we laid the foundations of what we consider to be “Christian Prepping”. If you’re a Christian and into prepping you should enjoy this book as a gives a clear concise systematic approach to prepping from a Christian perspective. We have attempted to touch on all of the critical items one should consider when seeking to be prepared. For many Christian Preppers just starting out this may in fact end up being your go to book as you prepare you and your family for what’s to come. Table of Contents Include the Following: Table of Contents Chapter 1: What is Christian Prepping Chapter 2: Understand the Why Chapter 3: Spiritual Survival Chapter 4: What is God’s Plan Chapter 5: Educating Yourself Chapter 6: Five Foundations of Survival Chapter 7: How to Start Prepping Chapter 8: Kits & Bags Chapter 9: The EDC Chapter 10: The Bug Out Bag Chapter 11: The INCH Bag Chapter 12: The Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Chapter 13: The Bug Out Retreat (BOR) Chapter 14: Caching Chapter 15: Alternative Housing Options Chapter 16: Alternative Energy Options Chapter 17: What to Buy – A Basic Shopping List for Your BOB Chapter 18: Hygiene, Medical & Personal Care Conclusion And more. . . Don’t forget to check out all our books on Amazon

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