Do It Yourself Prep N Store: Recipes & Prepping Ideas Made Easy

15 Apr

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Be prepared with this “Do It Yourself” emergency pantry set up hand book. Easy and very affordable ideas. Wouldn’t you love to have a fully stocked pantry with ready-mixed meals? How great would it be to have ample food available in case of any emergency? Wouldn’t you like to bless your friends and family with lovely gifts that you can make from scratch? Do It Yourself Prep & Store is a compilation of simple and economical ways to prepare an emergency food-storage pantry and to prepackage quick and healthy homemade meals. Including all the information needed from where to store, how long you can store, what to store and how to store. Including all you need to know about water storage and purification techniques. In this book, I’ll not only teach you the dry-canning technique for extended shelf life, but I’ve also included recipes for ready-mixed meals, side dishes, treats, and beverages. You’ll also find helpful tips for customizing the recipes to suit your family’s needs and your long-term food storage plan. Food storage and meal packaging has always been smart. Now let me show you how it can be simple, affordable, and fun!

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