Emergency Survival Program: A Survival Handbook For Familes

20 Apr

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Emergency Survival Program

A Survival Handbook For Families

Welcome to Emergency Survival Program: A Survival Handbook for Families, a D.I.Y. book designed to show you what to do before and after an emergency while also bringing minimal to no risk for you and your family. As many people see that the world is on the verge of collapse and many worry that the economic system will crumble, it is always good to make sure everyone is safe and can last through an emergency regardless of how long it may take.

First, we will cover the most practical advice one can give, such as:

  • The materials on needs in order to have multiple First Aid kits.
  • The usefulness of weapons and their use as both emergency tools and protections.

Then we’ll go over what ways you can take a basic First Aid kit and turn it into something much more useful by utilizing homeopathic ingredients. Homeopathic ingredients not only help in medicinal cases, but usually last longer and come in a larger bulk than medical supplies. Additionally, these supplies tend to not be on the emergency list for most individuals, so they’ll be easy to pick up after an emergency has occurred as well as before.

The remainder of the book will cover:

  • What foods one should obtain for long terms storage and why those are the healthiest options.
  • How to vacuum seal the ingredients in a situation where you don’t have a machine or power.
  • What foods to obtain after an emergency has occurred that will have less of a risk than commonly sought after foods.
  • Where to shop incase an emergency does happen so that you not only get the materials you need but are safer than the average person while doing so.
  • How to maintain a long-term survival plan along with what seeds to get, how you should plant them, and whether you should trust your neighbors.

This book is designed to not only help in situations of immediate emergency, such as that of a loss of power, but also in the long-term situations such as area-wide issues that were either man-made or natural.

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