ER Emergency Ready Deluxe Survival Kit for One Cat

20 Apr

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Emergency cat survival kit containing preparedness supplies for one cat. This pet survival kit sets the industry standard for feline preparedness by including a 72-hour supply of emergency food and water, pet first-aid items, sanitation bags, emergency blankets and other essential items your pet will need following an emergency. Kit Includes: (2) Diamond Cat Food Packets, (12) Water Pouches, (2) Thermal Blankets, (2) Emergency Lightsticks, (30) Water Purification Tablets, (1) Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit, (2) Bowls, (2) Leads – Collar & Leash, (12) Sanitation/Poop Bags, (2) Cat Toys, (1) Rope, (1) Decal. Packed in a Durable Nylon Bag.This comprehensive survival kit for a cat includes emergency cat food, water, shelter and more to prepare your special little loved ones.
Great way to ensure that your cat is protected and safe in case of an emergency
Packaged in large, durable nylon bags for strategic survival purposes.
Pet owners no longer have to constantly replace stored emergency pet food and supplies. Now, you can prepare your beloved cat with supplies designed by experts to last and be ready when you need them most.
Includes emergency cat food packet that is specially packaged and vacuum sealed to ensure a 5 year shelf-life and emergency water boxes that are US Coast Guard Approved to store safely for 5 years even in extreme conditions.

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