Four-Film Collection (Disaster Movie / Witless Protection / Shriek If You Know What I Did / My Five Wives)

21 Apr

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Disaster Movie:
Prepare for earthshaking hilarity as the raunchy and outrageous team behind Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet The Spartans puts the world’s very survival in the hands of three buxom non-brainiacs. This twisted send-up pulverizes everyone’s favorite disaster flicks, pop culture icons and public figures with no-holds-barred humor that will have you quaking with laughter.

Witless Protection:
Larry the Cable Guy returns for another comic misadventure as a small town sheriff who unwittingly gets involved in a high profile FBI case. Larry single-handedly “rescues” a sophisticated woman from the men who are actually protecting her. The hilariously mismatched duo must grapple with angry FBI agents, quack doctors and Chicago high society in his funniest, most unpredictable adventure yet.

Shriek If You Know What I Did:
In every horror movie, there is a phone waiting to ring…a victim waiting to scream…a killer waiting to strike. And the only way to survive is to keep one thing in mind: stay one step ahead of the killer…even if the killer’s a klutz! Now a sexy reporter (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) with a knack for getting into a tight place has teamed up with a bumbling policeman (Tom Arnold) to track a killerwhose deadly handiwork is known as the Spring Break Massacre. An all-star cast stars in a comedy so funny, you’ll die laughing!

My Five Wives:
Rodney Dangerfield stars as a three-times divorced real estate tycoon who thought he was through with love…until he discovered that the Utah land he invested in came with multiple wives. Now his sex life is on overdrive- and a greedy banker and a brutal gangster want to turn his merry marriages into honeymoon hell!Factory sealed DVD

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