Grandma’s Farmhouse Cookbook: Sustenance

9 Apr

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Grandma’s farmhouse was a trip down the memory lane of sensations: the look and feel of her steaming, warm bread being torn apart and spread with melting butter; the smell of her cookies, still hot from the oven; the sound of the meatloaf sizzling in the pan, and the delicious, heart-warming taste of each and every creation from her kitchen and the contentment of knowing it was all done out of love.

These are my fondest memories of my Grandma’s house and I have compiled the recipes she collected and used, for you and your loved ones to enjoy, into two volumes. I treasure her binder as, an heirloom she handed down to me, and, a starting point for a gift to my friends and family. My hope is you will use this book, with its ample note sections for your own personal touches, as a starting point to create your own personal legacy for your family, friends and loved ones.

Unlike other publications, there are no ‘kid gloves’ in this one. It is raw, just the way Grandma left it to me. The majority of the delicacies are straight forward. However, those few recipes she left to me without instructions, have been purposely left that way; as a puzzle and a challenge for the more experienced chefs. Can you make it work? Are you as good as Grandma?

This volume, Sustenance, contains over 210 recipes for daily existence in the last century. Covering basic staples such as breads, meat dishes, preserves, salads and more, it is an indispensable compilation of everyday recipes. All are created from simple, inexpensive and readily available ingredients found in a western prairie household.

I wish you happiness, good health and life-long memories, as you enjoy the creations I found in Grandma’s farmhouse cookbook.

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