H8O Polycarbonate 3 gallon Tall Water Bottle (with Handle) with 48mm Cap

16 Apr

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The H8O 3 Gallon Water Bottle is designed to hold up to 3 US Gallons / 11.4 Liter and lets you store your own purified water for your restaurant, office, or home. It is ideal for anyone who wants to fill his or her own water, cutting the cost of bottle delivery fees and individual one-time use water bottles. An economical solution. It is also a good choice for emergency preparation and water storage so you are ready for critical situations. This bottle is reusable, safe, and durable – perfect for long term use and reuse.Volume size: 3 US gallon / 11.4 liter
Made of 100% reusable food-grade polycarbonate plastic
Store your own purified water for home or office
Perfect for emergency preparation & water storage

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