Outrigger Canoe Wheels 101

8 Aug

Before launching on a tirade of information regarding outrigger canoe wheels, one must first know what they are. Many tourists and natives in tropical surfing islands got used to outrigger canoes and consequently, the wheels are most important for it to operate. You cannot sail through the lovely view without the wheels to propel you through.

Aside from leisure trips, you can presently find these watercrafts as avenues for testing human strength. Various tropical areas in the world make use of outrigger canoe races and lessons to draw tourists closer to their coasts. Only moderate strength is required to be able to operate them, and people of most ages can definitely get the fun out of it.

Outrigger canoes are traces of the past mode of traveling for most tropical areas in the world. Ancient Hawaiians used them to be able to navigate all over their place. What sets them apart are its wheels, since it’s the only canoe with it. These said wheels are most perfect for beginning canoe enthusiasts. Based from the name, you could determine that these units are also often found with an “outrigger” or a trigger on a side of the canoe helps keep it afloat and balanced.You can be much assured of a safe canoeing experience with the said outrigger.

Of course, you can never expect to navigate that far without paddles and more importantly, a good set of outrigger canoe wheels. They are often designed to weather rough waters. Having a good selection of them can assure you of hassle-free canoeing in the coast of your choice.

Buying outrigger canoe wheels are downright tricky. You cannot easily and directly find information on them anywhere. They are often available with the entire canoe package. But should you choose to change your unit, there are a few things to consider. A general fact is that these wheels must be designed for easy rolling capability of your canoe. If it misses that main objective, don’t consider investing your money on it.

In them, you must be well-versed with the size standard. Never buy outrigger canoe wheels which don’t fit with the overall size of your canoe. There are three possible standard sizes to choose from: A wheels, B wheels and F wheels. Prices vary according to size, ranging from $250 to $550 dollars. This is a considerable amount, but definitely worth it, if you are well on your way to making canoeing a habit.

A-sized wheels are most ideal for boats not exceeding 250 pounds in weight. It is tailor-made for hard sailing and measures 14″x5″. Meanwhile,B-sized wheels 16″x6″ and are most ideal for grassy or gravel-filled terrains. The biggest and most expensive are the F-sized outrigger canoe wheels, at 19″x9″. With its size, it can be placed on a boat of any size, but caution must be exercised on surfaces, as these wheels can only accommodate softer surfaces as compared to the other two.

Ultimately, the quest for the best set of outrigger canoe wheels is incomplete without actual testing. You can never really determine how they would work with your canoe set without having really tried it before buying it.

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