Overlooked Survival Items: The Top 20 Most Underrated and Overlooked Items To Have In Your Stockpile For Survival and Disaster Preparedness

19 Apr

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Whenever survival comes to mind, there are probably certain items that you think of first: bandanas, knives, hatchets, beans and rice, water, first aid kits, tarps and tents, rain ponchos, and so on. Each of those items are extremely important to have in a survival situation, but at the same time, there are many more items that would be almost or equally as important to have as well, but that for whatever reason never seem to receive the same amount of attention in survival circles. This is going to be a very straightforward book that dives into the top twenty most overlooked and underrated survival items to have in your survival/disaster preparedness stockpile and the reasons for why each one is so important. The specific items that we will go over include the following: – Aluminum Foil – Baby Wipes – Baking Soda – Batteries – Books – Bug Spray – Chocolate – Clothes – Cotton Balls – Dental Floss – Duct Tape – Engine Oil – Garbage Bags – Hand Sanitizer – Maps – Paper Clips – Pens and Paper – Razors – Toilet Paper – Zip Ties As you read through this book, something you will notice is that each of these items are simple things we use in our everyday life. However, there are a wealth of different survival uses for each one that this book will point out to prove to you the value of these items.

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