Panteao Productions: Make Ready to Survive: Suburban and City Environment – PMRS03 – Prepper – Survival Training – Survival Kit – Prepping – Bugging Out – Medium Term Survival – DVD

10 Apr

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Suburban & City Environment addresses medium length events like prolonged power outages, snow storms, hurricanes, and other localized damage due to a disaster where food, power and fuel are not readily available.Instructors Paul Howe, Jim Cobb, Kyle Harth, & N.E. MacDougald walk through the medium term survival budget, bugging in, home security and lockdown
They cover communications, getting from work or play to home during a crisis, advanced first aid, identifying hazards and hazardous areas
Also covered is quantity and types of food to have on hand, workplace survival gear, and more
Localized rioting and civil unrest, power outages or a natural crisis can be dealt with and managed when you are prepared
This video will help you to get to that point of being prepared for a suburban or urban disaster

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