Prepping For Armageddon On A Budget: Book 1

7 Apr

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We’ve all seen the shows. They’re all over the cable channels. Doomsday Preppers, Doomsday Castle, Armageddon Prep. And that’s not even all of them. There are all kinds of other shows and movies that describe various scenarios about how the world is going to end and how to prepare for it. But let’s face it. Most of these shows center around multi-millionaires who have the money to purchase an old missile silo in the prairies of North Dakota somewhere. Or the guy who has a 400 acre ranch in Colorado. Or the guy with so much money in the bank that he can build a house with four foot-thick reinforced walls and bullet and bomb-proof windows. Or the guy who thinks he can just buy his way out of trouble, and hoards half a million dollars worth of gold bouillon to trade for water and bullets and food, and whatever else he needs. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have millions of dollars to buy an old missile silo, or to hoard gold. I’ve never even been on a 400 acre ranch, and I couldn’t even make a down payment on a bullet and bomb-proof house. Me, I’m just an ordinary guy. I live in the suburbs. In a housing development, in a regular house. And I’m just guessing now, but I’ll bet most of you are more like me than you are like the missile silo guy. And that’s the purpose behind this book. I’ve been prepping for years. I’ve experimented with food preparation and storage, various low cost security methods, and various ways to help my family survive whatever ugliness is coming our way. I can help you with things like sanitizing your water supplies safely, without wasting big money on fancy filtration systems. How to build an outhouse for around a hundred dollars. How to protect your back yard from prowlers without any fancy alarm systems. How to hide in plain sight. And a bunch of other things that’ll help you survive when the cities go black and the rest of the world starts to panic. By the way, I’m no big famous writer who uses fancy words to impress people. I write like I speak. I think that’s the best way to make myself understood. I’ve been told that for most people, it’s the most comfortable way for them to read a book. And let’s face it. You didn’t buy this book so I could impress you with my vocabulary. You bought this book so I could help you survive. So let’s get started.

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