Prepping for Violence: The Self Defense Guide to Protect and Defend Your Family (Survival Family Basics – Prepper’s Survival Handbook Series)

15 Apr

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It doesn’t take a history lesson to highlight the fact that when societies crumble, whether it’s due to a localized natural disaster, the full scale dissolution of a country, or anything in between, and the rule of law falls away, our ability to defend our own lives and the lives of our families can be the difference between life and death. 

We only need to watch the news to see the truth in those words across the globe. If you consider what is at the heart of the desire to be prepared in times of crisis and disaster, it is always about protecting the ones we love and ensuring their survival. This is one of the reasons defense of home and family is such a passionate topic for so many in the prepping community. 

With the information in “Prepping for Violence: The Self Defense Guide to Protect and Defend Your Family When Society Collapses”, you and your family can begin asking and answering the difficult questions that will allow you to build the self defense strategy, skills, and toolbox that is right for you all. 

Thinking through scenarios and considering how you will respond will help you define your own personal boundaries that outline what you are willing to do and unwilling to do in defense of your life. 

In this guide we’ll explore: 
* The goal of self-defense, and why it’s probably NOT what you think 
* How our self-defense mindset for a SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) event needs to change, and why NOT changing it can get you and your family severely injured if not killed 
* Why personal boundaries may need to change after a disaster, and why that’s OK 
* How to identify the different stages of a violent attack so you don’t become a victim 
* How to avoid, evade, and de-escalate an attack one it has begun 
* When to use physical force in response to an attack and why 
* How to determine how much force is appropriate, this one is super-important 
* And much more 

From redefining what prepping for self defense means to outlining how the Use of Force Continuum can be used to help you defend yourself and your family with the appropriate level of physical force, this book will get you thinking about what you would be willing to do to protect your own life and the lives of your loved ones, and inspire you to develop the skills you will need to be prepared for violence. 

Scroll up and get your copy of “Prepping for Violence: The Self Defense Guide to Protect and Defend Your Family When Society Collapses” before it’s too late! 

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