Relationship 101

21 Jun

1. A successful relationship is a continuous work of art.

2. A successful relationship requires consistency with variation.

3. A successful relationship does not necessarily end in marriage.

4. No relationship is a 'waste of time' as long as you learn the lessons.

5. Once a relationship is over, do not revisit it.

A relationship is not always easy; Even the relationship you have with yourself requires effort to maintain; This effort is paramount if you are to succeed with someone else. A relationship should be made up of equality – equal amounts of give and take – no one party should be raising too heavily upon the other for their survival.

Whether you are in a relationship or not it is imperative that you maintain a sense of achievement in your own life in order that you maintain your individuality, confidence and desirability. Do not have a rigid agenda in your relationships, be flexible and open-minded – have boundaries and goals by all means to retain your sense of self respect – but having a strict agenda means you will miss the truth about your partner and yourself.

Every relationship starts with you – so be objective and truthful about who you are – if you do not like who you are then improve yourself.

A successful relationship requires mental and physical discipline, the truth should be known without it always being verbalized, and communication should be constant but not incessant.

A successful relationship just knows that it is successful, it does not require proof, marriage or other people's blessing – it just is.

Source by Guy Blews

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