Self-Defense: 20 Lessons How to Create Basic Homemade Survival Weapons: (How To Survive, Survival Guide, Prepper’s Guide)

11 Apr

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20 Lessons How to Create Basic Homemade Survival Weapons

Staying safe and protected is everyone’s right, but it can happen that while walking on a quiet road you may be attacked by a group of a youngster. It is not always possible to call the police for your help. You need to learn few things by yourself in order to tackle such situations. It is what self-defense is all about. Many techniques can save you from an attack, but you need to learn those methods. It is what this e-book is aimed at to increase your information about how you can keep yourself protected.

This book will comprehend on

  • What is self-defense
  • Process of self-defense
  • Self-defense weapons made by kitchen elements
  • Easy to make self-defense weapons
  • Deadliest homemade self-defense weapons

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