Survival: A Beginners Prepping Guide to Survive a Disaster in the Wilderness

7 Apr

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If you have ever been interested in learning how to survive and test your mettle in the wild, then this eBook is for you. Learn how to master yourself and the environment around you by gaining new and crucial survival skills. Take your own in life in your own hands by discovering how to find food and water in the wild, make fires and shelter. This eBook even covers topics such as navigation in the wild and a basic overview of wound treatment and first aid. So if a disaster ever occurs you will be ready for it with the essential skills this eBook teaches you along with a survival kit that you will learn to prepare. Furthermore this book also explores and investigates the human aspect of being a prepper – a person who looks ahead and stares disaster right in the face. Gain insight into the survival mindset which allows you to overcome life and death adversity. Learn how to manage your emotions, deal with your own problems and the importance of interpersonal skills. Also learn about the different types of disaster and how they are classified. Whether your interest in survival is simply mere voyeurism, a hobby or a more fundamental desire to thrive in all situations, you are bound to learn a trick or two from this survival eBook.

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