Survival Guide: The Best Tips and Strategies To Survive Anywhere: (Critical Survival, Prepping) (Preppers Supplies, Survival Backpack) (Volume 1)

6 Apr

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Survival Guide:

The Best Tips and Strategies To Survive Anywhere

The man is labeled to be a social animal that cannot live in isolation. It is because of the natural inclination of human beings to make groups and live in communities. Despite this innate need for belongingness, there can be certain phases in life which can push a person to start looking for some isolated space. Living alone is surely challenging and it becomes even more demanding if your choice is to live in wild. However, it is not impossible and you can pursue your decision if you are really interested in it. This book is more of a survival guide which will help the reader to disappear without leaving a single trace. All of the related issues will be discussed in this book which will discuss the steps involved in disappearing. It will address the strategic issues which must be kept in mind. Moreover, the book will also dress the issues which will be faced by a person living in the wilderness like scarcity of food, water, and shelter. So the book will cater all the issues so that survival in the wild can become easier for all those who are interested to live an isolated life. The overall theme of this book is focused on the following leading issues related to survival in wild, all stated particularly with a notion of disappearing in such a way that no one can find you. * The preliminary information about all the related aspects of disappearing without a trace, so that living alone can turn out to be really successful. * A complete narration of finding water in the wilderness while living no trace. * A narration of the tips to solve problems of food while being in the wild. * A set of discussion for addressing the issue of shelter in the wilderness. * An account of some essential skills for any survivor.

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