Survival Prepping: Hunting, Fishing, Foraging, Trapping and Eating Insects: 3 Books In 1

8 Apr

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Whether you’re a weekend camper, or prepping for the apocalypse, knowing what foods, plants and even insects can sustain your body is a valuable tool to have in your information arsenal. This box set is A MUST HAVE for anyone who is starting out with camping and wilderness survival.

This box set includes 3 of my best selling books in Amazon:

  • Hunting, Trapping, Fishing and Outdoor Cooking
  • How To Survive With Edible Bugs And Learning Entomophagy
  • How to Survive by Foraging For Edible Plants

You’ll be able to get amazing and helpful tips about hunting, outdoor cooking, how to survive with edible bugs and how to survive with edible plants from this box set. Each book offers a lot of tips, guidelines and will show you different plants and insects that are all safe to eat when you’re in the wilderness. You’ll be able to get ideas too on what traps to build and what to use for outdoor cooking as well.

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