Survival: Wild Plants You Can Eat

16 Apr

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Wild Plants You Can Eat

SURVIVAL: WILD PLANTS YOU CAN EAT provides you with a scoop of knowledge on how to survive in the wilderness while eating while eating wild plants. If you are planning to do out to the wilderness for a picnic or even camping, then this is the most optimum handout for you to carry. If you find it hard to identify a wild edible plant, then this book provides with the best ways to determine if a wild plant is edible or not. The information in the book is clear and allows you to get what you want through the chapters. The book has also explained vividly on the basic precautions to take when identifying the edible wild foods to eat.

We have also featured both the edible and non-edible wild plants. This has been explained vividly using pictures to allow you have a wide scoop of what is toxic and what is not toxic. If you feel like you need to have a wide knowledge on how to garden the edible wild plants, then this is the best book for you to buy.

The following are the topics that are covered in this book

  • How to find edible wild plants.
  • Edible wild plants
  • Importance of eating wild plants
  • Precautions to take when identifying the edible wild plants
  • Toxic Wild Plants.
  • Gardening of Wild plants

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