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Prepping allows individuals to increase their chances of survival just in case some unforeseen calamity or disaster happens to befall our place. However, as promising as it might seem, there are actually some simple mistakes which could otherwise lessen your likelihood of survival than if you haven’t prepared at all. Especially if you live in the US, where approximately 3 million individuals are preppers, these simple mistakes are something which you might want to avoid at all costs.

Here are 10 prepper mistakes that could get you killed, along with some tips on how you can avoid them:

1. Getting prepped for a specific date

Prepping for a specific date-based threat is in fact dangerous since you are left thinking that nothing else could ever happen to you. There are those natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes which happen every year, and any supplies you’ve got should keep you alive and well regardless of whichever disaster occurs. It is a lot better to keep yourself prepared at all times rather than relying on when the calendar says a disaster is likely to take place.

2. Failure to consider the “boring” parts of prepping

For most preppers, storing essential supplies such as food stockpiles, guns and ammo, bug out bags, and more are all included in the fun part of prepping. However, one common mistake most preppers make is that they tend to ignore those boring parts of prepping. This could include things such as a steady supply of water or even first aid skills. Failure to consider these important things could force you to be out of the game within hours just in case unexpected disasters happen.

3. Having no knowledge with regards to your survival gear

Despite having all sorts of cool survival gear, there are lots of preppers who are completely unable to use them properly during a disaster. Hence, it is important to spend enough time and try to learn how you can use a particular gear/device during a situation that calls for no margins of error.

4. Relying on your preps completely

Let’s say you’ve got all the supplies you need: a year’s worth of food and water, some rounds of ammo, as well as a new SMG. Well that might be a great idea, what do you think would happen if a natural disaster happens to take out all of your supply. Do you have any other alternatives left? While prepping all needed supplies is a good idea, relying completely on your preps might actually become a mistake. Therefore it is best to have some of your preps spread out throughout various locations or caches just in case something goes wrong.

5. Trying to do all the prepping

Always bear in mind that you won’t be completely prepared for just about every scenario. By trying to do this, you will only experience burnout and might even think about giving up. It is best to just focus on what you already have knowledge of and become proficient at it. Try prepping for scenarios which are most likely to happen first.

6. Thinking that a gun is everything you need

Guns are tools which might come in handy during certain situations, however they require a lot of skill in order to be used efficiently during highly stressful cases. You might think that by having a gun, you can easily defend you and your family. However, it isn’t that simple.

Try taking some time practicing with your firearms often. Think of the gun as a tool that is only capable of what you’re capable of doing. If you think you can’t handle it properly under pressure, it could only end up getting you killed instead.

7. Not actually using your preps

Lots of preppers tend to buy just about anything but won’t even use them. It could go from anything like food, guns, or even survival kits. If you think you are not skilled enough with using your gear, it would be best if you give it away or sell it when the time comes.

8. Having a false sense of security

Having a false sense of security could cause you to ignore danger which you’re supposed to respond to. Regardless of how good you might be, there are still a lot of dangerous people out there who can take away your stuff, and even your life, without asking.

9. Buying huge amounts of preps in one go

Buying huge amount of preps at once is actually a bad idea, especially if you use a credit card to make such purchases. It’s best to pay with cash whenever possible and explore alternate payment methods online with some prepper friendly companies.

10. Failure to teach basic survival skills to other family members

You should never ever think that you can do everything by yourself. Think about what would happen if you get hurt or sick without anyone else to nurse you. When prepping, it is very important to teach your family members the basic skills they need. Usually, it is better to have 2-3 knowledgeable people than just one super prepper on board.

By having knowledge about these 10 prepper mistakes that could get you killed, you will definitely have a successful and peaceful life just in case unforeseen disasters happen.


Source by Jeffrey Howie

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