Prepare and defend against a disaster


You're getting ready for your first date, but something does not feel quite right. In fact, you have the feeling that your date is going to be a total disaster. If you are getting this feeling about your first date with a guy you are just getting to know, then you want to keep your eyes open for these ten signs that will show you if your hunches are right:

1. It took you two or three tries to actually get together – emergencies and other things kept popping up that made one of you reschedule.

2. You could not get the date scheduled to start with. You both have such a whole life that it was almost impossible to find a time to get together. Imagine how your relationship would be if you had to constantly schedule ahead of time in order to spend time together.

3. You're going somewhere you do not really like or are not that excited about. If you are not excited about the things you will do on your first date, then things might just go downhill even before you get to the venue of your date.

4. He can not seem to remember anything about you – including your name! If you have to repeat information about yourself, he is obviously not paying attention.

5. He keeps talking about what is going to happen after the date – somehow assuming you will have sex with him at the end of your date.

6. Your friends are a little uneasy about him and have asked you several times if you're sure you want to go out with him.

7. He mentions that he talked to his mother about borrowing her car for your date.

8. The only reason he chose the venue of your date is simply because he has coupons or some sort of a discount certificate. If you are looking for a man that will be stingy in your relationship, you just found him.

9. You allowed before even agreeing to the date. If your intuition said no, it's probably a good sign that the date is going to be either boring or a disaster.

10. After you set up the date, he spends thirty minutes talking about something you have no clue about, like the specifics of motocross, details of his work as a tax attorney, or online game he wants to introduce you to.


Source by Steve Ubah

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