Prepare and defend against a disaster

1. Stripper!

2. Skirmish

3. Poker night

4. Fat-o-gram

5. Carton of the bucks favorite alcohol

6. Deep sea fishing

7. Strip club

8. Blow up doll

9. Shooting range

10. Lingerie waitress

11. Sky diving

12. Tie the buck to a light pole near a main road – naked!

13. Black jack with the boys

14. Beach house for the weekend

15. Bungee jumping

16. Kidnap the buck

17. Put the buck in a wheelie bin for the night and take him out on the town

18. Hire a hot chick to flash the buck at work

19. Lingerie slave for the night (usually handcuffed to the buck)

20. Supercar hot lap

21. Get the buck drunk (paralytic) and pay a cab a $100 to take him to a small country town

22. Go-carting

23. Party boat

24. Midget stripper

25. Transvestite stripper

26. Blow up sheep

27. Adult Flash light (because we all know once he is married he isn’t getting sex again)

28. Brewery tour

29. Shark diving

30. Monster buggy drive

31. Introductory flight lesson (plane)

32. Introductory flight lesson (helicopter)

33. Hire a penthouse on the Gold Coast for the weekend

34. Banned word drinking games – not allowed to say “mine”… Who’s drink is that? Mine – 10 push-ups no matter where you are!

35. Horse races

36. 18th hole – Dress up in your favorite golfing attire and hit 18 of your favorite drinking places – pubs, clubs, bowls club, strip clubs etc

37. Round of golf

38. Pig on the spit

39. Full body massage

40. Mad weekend at Thailand (boys only)

41. VIP tickets to the bucks favorite night club

42. Camping weekender

43. Drag races

44. Take the buck to a gay club (without him knowing)

45. Hire a party bus

46. Literally put the ball and chain on the buck for the night (keep the keys until the morning)

47. Take the buck to a peep show

48. Jet boating

49. Go to a super car championship round (or NASCAR)

50. Take the buck to see his favorite sporting team play

51. Hire a hummer

52. Go to a game of lingerie football

53. Get the buck a tattoo

54. Party in style at Vegas

55. Hot chick drinking game – see a hot chick and take a shot

56. Surfing lessons

57. Rock concert

58. Buy the buck a porno (he might need it from now on)

59. X rated lesbian show

60. Mad weekend at Bali (boys only)

61. Topless waitress

62. Better yet two topless waitresses

63. Hire a muscle car

64. Lesbian double act strip show

65. Put the buck on a plane to NZ and before he gets on the plane steal his wallet

66. Go to a wet t-shirt competition

67. Organize a bar tab at the bucks favorite night club

68. Egg the buck

69. Party like an animal in Mexico

70. Walk the naked mile with 2 x topless waitresses, 2 x strip shows and a lesbian double act show

71. Dare the buck to do a nude run down the street

72. Good old traditional pub crawl

73. Go to the Summer-nats

74. Throw the buck a surprise bucks party that he will never forget

75. Clay target shooting

76. Stunt academy – buy the buck a ticket so they can teach him the ropes

77. Best hangover cure – buffet breakfast

78. Buy the buck a keg

79. Bucks party games – bucks dare list and souvenir list

80. Mechanical bull

81. Go to the comedy club

82. Rodeo (bull riding comp)

83. Pig hunting

84. Parasail

85. Dress the buck in a dress and then go out on the town

86. Hire a limousine

87. Jet skiing

88. Go on a Booze cruise for three or more days (P&O or similar)

89. Pierce the buck (ear, eye brow, belly button, lip, nose etc)

90. Hire a Harley Davidson for the buck

91. Sumo suits

92. Quad bike hire

93. Buy cigars

94. Rock it in Amsterdam

95. Convince the buck to run home at the end of a long night of drinking

96. Dare the buck to skinny dip in some random pool… Then steal his cloths and jump into a cab

97. Fight night – boxing etc

98. Dinner with a show – find a restaurant that have topless waitresses

99. Buy the buck a lap dance

100. Hire a house boat

101. Go to the Miss Pole Dance Australia Final

Source by Joshua Massih

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