2012 Survival Places

15 Sep

As volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and water levels will rise, some of the most dangerous places to live when 2012 occur are:

  • places below sea level
  • places that are near fault lines, susceptible to earthquakes
  • places that are near nuclear power plants
  • places near volcanoes
  • places suspectible to tsunamis (such as certain areas in Asia)
  • places close to the sea-line

Some of the best 2012 survival places are:

  • places high above sea level
  • places away from nuclear power plants
  • places that are away from fault lines and volcanoes

Some parts of Canada, United States, Europe, India and Japan all have nuclear nuclear power plants. 7 of the super volcanoes are also in the United States – Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, Long Valley, California and Valles Calderas, New Mexico. Stay away from these areas! The other super volcanoes are in New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan and Russia.

Some of the best December 2012 survival places are Madagascar, the high mountains of Spain (although there is still a danger of a nuclear fall-out), the high mountains of Turkey, the Atlas mountains of Morocco, and the highlands of Ethiopia.

Where ever you live though, make sure you have enough food, good shelter, are able to transport from one place to another with ease and have a thorough survival kit. You should have enough food per person for a year, a unsinkable boat, a first aid kid, rope, waterpoof matches, a portable water purification system and communication devices.

There will be food shortages, fires and floods everywhere. Be prepared!

Source by Jennifer L. Andrews

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