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You are going on a major camping trip and are more than excited to start preparing. That is great, but before you spend all your time reading on camping magazines and visiting camping stores, the first and most important thing that you should do is equip yourself with survival tips that will help you survive and mend out emergencies and problems in case something wrong happens during the trip. This is especially important if you are going camping with your family. Children have limitations and can endanger themselves if they partake in wild activities or can get lost in the wilderness, so, to be able to save yourself the trouble of panicking and worrying endlessly over what to do here are some important survival tips to remember:

1. Practice starting a fire. Fire can be one of your best weapons in defending yourself from the wildlife around you or from the harsh elements of Mother Nature. If you end up getting lost and the weather is extremely cold, you will need fire to not only keep you warm and safe but to also send out smoke signals to the other campers for help.

2. Learn how to make your own ownhelter using the sticks, leaves, vines, plugs, and rocks around you. There is a chance that you will be stranded for more than a day, so instead of roaming the forests aimlessly in search of camp, you might as well build a shelter for yourself that will protect you from rain, heat, and of course wild animals like bears and wolves.

3. Another very important tip is to use whatever you have to send out SOS signals. Aside from the smoke idea, you can also use your voice, whistles, and all sorts of other materials to create loud noises for others to hear. If you are stranded and see a boat or yacht on the water, you can use broken pieces of glass or a mirror to reflect the sun's rays towards them to let them know that you need help.

4. Lastly, one of the most important survival tips is to learn first aid and have a handy medical kit with you in case you injure yourself while looking for the way back to camp.


Source by Amber Hobson

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