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If you know anything about weddings you can vouch for the fact that most of the decision making is up to the bride. While many couples work hard to make their wedding a joint effort, there still remains a large population of brides that take on the majority of the tasks alone. When it comes to selecting bridal attire, without a doubt, the bride is the chief officer in charge in the decision making process. Choosing the right wedding dress, bridal jewelry, headpiece, and shoes are key to having a successful wedding. In fact, the bride's wedding apparel is the central focus of the ceremony. When selecting the appropriate attire for your wedding it is important that you set a realistic budget.

Wedding Gown

Inexperienced brides of the past have made the common mistake of setting a budget for their dress without factoring in the amount that they will spend on their headpiece, bridal jewelry, and shoes. It is important that you consider all elements incorporating your bridal attire before setting your final budget. On average, a bride will spend $ 800- $ 1000 on her wedding gown alone.

Bridal Jewelry

Aside from the engagement ring, most brides will choose a set of jewelry to wear to accentuate their wedding gown. Bridal jewelry can be expensive or reasonably priced depending on where you choose to shop. Setting aside $ 150- $ 200 for your wedding jewelry is a reasonable amount if you are not planning to wear diamonds.


Deciding on what type of headpiece to wear totally depends on the style of your dress. You may consider wearing a tiara, veil, or hair accessories. It is important to choose a headpiece that will work well with your gown. Your headpiece should complement your bridal jewelry as well. If you are looking for a headpiece that is not too expensive and not too cheap you should plan to spend approximately $ 200 on your headpiece.


The longer your dress is, the less detailed your shoes need to be. As a rule of thumb, even if your wedding gown is floor length, it's a good idea to wear a pair of shoes that will complete it. When selecting a suitable pair of shoes for your wedding day, you should never sacrifice comfort for style or cost. You should expect to spend $ 50- $ 100 for your bridal shoes depending on your preference.


Source by Nicole Lindsey

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