Prepare and defend against a disaster

As most of our faithful readers know, every September for the past 7 years we have hosted a 7 Day Challenge where we go through a different emergency situation each day for 7 days and share and discuss what we learn as we practice.  Well this year we are doing something completely different!  Here are some teasers but stayed tuned as more information and full details will be coming soon.

  • It’s going to be harder
  • It’s going to be easier
  • It’s an all-new format
  • You will know EXACTLY when it’s going to start
  • We are going to really maximize learning and DOING
  • We will be introducing the 4 P’s of Preparedness
  • You are going to want to participate!!!!!!

We will be ramping up for the main event which will be held on Facebook for discussion purposes as we’ve found that people do best at learning by being able to discuss the experience with each other.  You don’t have to have facebook to view the event and we will share the main information via email and on the blog as well.  
Click here to join the 7 Day Challenge 2016 Facebook Event now!

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