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The communication can be meaningful and decisive provided it is specific, precise and to the point unambiguously in its context. The clarity of mind and spoken words’ cohesiveness will reflect the congeniality of the situation. The circumstances, whether political, social or cultural will be cordial and leave cherishable memories on the mind. Therefore, it is important that we must understand the meaning, definition and usage of unequivocal and comprehensibility of communication. We must also bear in mind that to be able to conclude decisively, we must communicate in an appropriate manner. Hence differentiating between ambiguity and clarity will mark the beginning of a yet another chapter in our daily life.

The ambiguity occurs when a word or phrase has more than one meaning. It is also a fact that ambiguity tends to increase with frequency of usage. Here it is important to understand the ambiguity and its common usage rather than multifaceted types and different situations. Ambiguity and its fallacies can stretch from linguistic to scientific covering commercial aspects and technicalities. It is important to know that technically or scientifically ambiguity may be ineffective in its significant way. However, linguistically it may cause a disaster or a lesser damage.

The clarity of communication, whether in words or deeds, often reflects a balanced attitude of a person. In such a situation communication clarity will make the aims achievable. The use of simple and appropriate words and phrases will make the whole episode of life an achiever. It holds water very high in political, business like, commercial and cultural fields.

There are people whose tendency is to shirk their responsibilities hence the ambiguity evolves. This will lead to chaos and confusion. Whereas, clean thoughts and clarity of mind, do reflect ideas that are full of progress and propagation. Hence, adopting an attitude which guides us towards clarity will be beneficial, both materially and spiritually.

It is defined that clarity is a balance between precise words and familiar words. It is a link to an idea which runs through the entire communication effectively.

The culminating points of discussion are focus, coherence and unity of an idea. The precision combined with proper timing resulting in clarity of communication.


Source by Ehtesham Mirza

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