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Many men who try approaching women fail to see some really great hidden opportunities that come their way. Take, for instance, your daily walk to your office, or for that matter the evening jog, there are many high chances that you might see someone really attractive on the street. What do you do? Surprised? Baffled? Let’s take a look at how you can become ‘street smart’, and get that really hot woman that you have just spotted interested in you.

The number one aspect of approaching women successfully is to show confidence. This is in any case the make or break part, and a woman can easily make out whether you are genuinely confident of yourself or are just one of the many jerks who follow her around just because she is beautiful. However, that does not mean you can’t show that you have confidence. Walk with a spring in your step. Keep your head held high and your shoulders straight, but don’t be too aggressive, like just walking over and thinking the girl will fall flat on her knees – this isn’t a movie, and you’re not Brad Pitt!

You also need to ensure that you are approaching women properly. You must always give an impression as if you are walking side by side, or coming face to face, depending on the situation. This might seem like a very small deal, but a majority or men tend to trail behind, particularly once they feel that the woman might not be interested in them. There can’t be anything more embarrassing as well as humiliating for anybody. Even if you think she is ignoring you, it might be possible that you are not confident enough, and need to work on that aspect. But never EVER linger. Either go full steam ahead, or drop it altogether.

Just by focusing on these two aspects, you can have tremendous amounts of success in attracting women to yourself, and ensuring you always get the girl of your dreams, irrespective of the place!


Source by Arron Roberts

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