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Writing articles for the purpose of drawing more traffic to your website is fairly simple, believe it or not. The great thing is that it is merely a numbers game, and although number games can be tedious, they're easy all the same … All you have to do is get your work seen. It needn't be brilliant, nor creative, nor conformal. It just needs to be seen by many eyes. So, follow the steps below, and you can't go wrong!

1: Write an article. Or two. Or three. But preferably millions. Just start typing away at an article related to your site's topic / s. It's as simple as that. Don't worry about making a sales pitch-that's unnecessary- and remember just one thing while you write: surfers are looking for useful content. So write an informative article rather than an advertisement!

2: Write a really great biography to accompany the article. Make it short and simple. The KISS-rule is key here (keep it simple, stupid). The biography must compel the reader to click on your link in order to learn more about your subject.

3: Send your one, two, three, or millions of articles to every article directory on the planet. You can do them all at once, or one every day until your arsenal depletes. I like to do the latter, because surfers often like to follow several authors' works over a period of time. You get them itching for tomorrow's article, and tomorrow's and tomorrow's.

4: Do a few searches about search engine optimization. There are countless things you can do to make your articles appear as Prime Results of Google searches. This helps to optimize your chances of people seeing your link and clicking on it.

5: Do this until you're blue in the face! You can never go wrong if you just stick to this simple formula.


Source by Jason Basel

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