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If cold calling is not something that comes naturally, then consider a prewritten script. But be very careful – sounding like you're reading from a piece of paper can turn the person on the other end of the line off. Perhaps a better way of using a script is to remind you of the points you need to make, (like a road map in a car) rather than be a word for word recital tool. You have to be able to be flexible, and listen to the needs of the person that you're calling.

You will get people who slam or hang the phone down straight away (but do not do that occasional?) But do not be scared of this outlet or let it get to you when it does happen. It's not personal. Keep calm and smile, and this will come despite your voice and make people more receptive. Monitor your success rate and attempt to strategically perfect your approach.

If you ask for information by using open questions, and keep your voice friendly and inquisitive, you're more likely to get people's interest. The aggressive sale usually will not work in this context because people are so wary of cold calls.

If it looks like you will not be able to make a sale then offer meeting times and confirm them in writing or by email.

Most importantly "always be helpful". I believe that if you are providing a service they may or may not know they need yet. It is not a cold call! It's just a simple friendly introduction. When I make these calls, (and I have made many) I know at the end of the day my services are needed. The reason cold calling gets a bad rap is many people do it with out their heart in it. To be an effective cold caller you must be friendly, outgoing, assertive, and helpful. There are too many people in the game now that think you can just read a script (Hating it the whole time) and be effective. The people on the other end can and will pick up on this.

In "Cold Calling" you must bring you're "A" game. You also must believe in your self and your ability to help. They will then listen Telehammers is an outbound lead generation company our link below. We charge on a pay per introduction basis.

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Source by Matthew B Davis

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