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Tennis elbow (otherwise known as tendinitis) is a very stubborn injury that can cause anyone who suffers from it to be under vast amounts of pain. The injury is an RSI (repetitive strain injury) that makes the outside of the arm tender and sore due to damage to the tendon and muscles in the forearm. This can lead to a strain in day to day activities due to pain when picking up, twisting or lifting objects. Regardless of the name tennis elbow is not just reported by tennis players but anyone who really works repeatedly with their hands. Due to the inflammation and pain people want to know what the best cure for tennis elbow is. There are various methods of treatment you can go to help you treat yourself of pain and speed up the healing process and many from the comfort of your own home. However, these may take time dependent on how severe your injury is.

Rest is essential to help recovery whether it is muscle building or an injury. You should make sure that you leave time where you can rest your arm, forearm, wrist and fingers from any work and aggravation.

Ice is great for reducing the inflammation and pain of the injury. You should look to put ice on the injury 10-15 minutes for 2-4 a day (2 hour time gap in between).

Massage can release a lot of blood to the affected area, it may hurt at first but you will soon find a lot of pain relief. You can learn how to do this yourself or get a professional who will teach you techniques that you can go and use at home.

Counter Brace (NOT ESSENTIAL!)
Counter braces spread the pressure on your injury relieving pain in the area which may sound good but due to the bulk design of the brace it does hinder the healing process. The chunky design immobilizes the arm making arm stiffer during the healing process and reducing the range of motion and therefore prolonging healing time. DO NOT USE A BRACE UNLESS YOU WILL HAVE A LOT OF ARM MOVEMENTS TO PERFORM ON THE DAY!


Source by James Pswarai

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