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One of the requirements for virtually anyone's decision regarding a buttock augmentation procedure has to do with the recovery period of the procedure. In general, this recovery period is not as long as one would think, but it is also not an easy one. The main part of the recovery period will only last about three weeks before you are able to return to normal activities, but during this time period, you will not be able to sit easily, lay on your back ad at the same time, the stress and pressure on the buttock region alone can result in substantial swelling, bruising and yes even pain.

When thinking of a buttock augmentation, the easiest comparison that can come to mind is a tetanus shot, a very large one. There are many nerve endings in the buttock region, this is why shots in the region can be so painful and it is also why the buttock enhancement is so painful. Inn general you will prescribe pain medication and it is important to remember to take them at the first sign of pain. Any lengthy wait can result in a longer recovery period which also means a long period of pain, bruising and swelling. These points about the recovery period only certain to the fat transfer form of the buttock enhancement and should you decide on the implants, then you must remember that the recovery period will also be substantially longer.

In the event that you have in fact decided to undergo the implant buttock augmentation, keep in mind that the recovery period associated with it is substantially longer and includes a larger chance of excessive swelling, bruising and pain during the recovery period. The main portion of the implant augmentation's recovery period can be expected to last around four to five weeks before you are able to return to normal activities. But bear in mind, that the implants will almost always have a better exit than that of the fat transfer procedure.

Because of the complexity of this cosmetic surgery it is of utmost importance that you make sure your surgeon is certified by the board of cosmetic surgeons prior to under the procedure. This ensures that their experience and understanding of the buttock enhancement is without a doubt great.


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