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Travel costs money, but cheap travel is possible. The travel and hospitality industry is a multi-billion dollar business and many local economies depend on it for their existence. With everyone competing for your money, here are a few tips to make the most of your travel budget.

1.Split a meal.

Meals are a large part of a travel budget. To cut down on that expense you can share a meal. Many places serve portions that are way too big anyway. This is also a good idea since you’re limited in storing leftovers. If you’re concerned that you’ll walk away hungry, share an appetizer and a meal. You can also drink water to cut down the expense. Drinks are a restaurant’s greatest profit maker.

2.Travel to a place when there’s a festival.

Many cities have festivals that are free. All in one place you can get entertainment, culture, food, unique souvenirs and activities.

3.Check out free museums and exhibits.

There are many museums that do not charge a fee. Do, however, expect to see many donation sites throughout urging you to give what you can. Don’t forget to check with a major university or military base in the area as they have exhibits that are open to the public.

4.Historical sights

Every place has some site that is of historical importance, some more than others. Not all are free, but reasonable. To find out more, check with the local chamber of commerce, local historical society or the city/county/state website.

5.Walking tours

Chambers of commerce often produce a planned walking tour. If they don’t, then make up your own. You can find information to plan your own tour on the internet, at the library or in book stores.

6. State Parks

Each state has a park system. State parks are more than just campgrounds. Many are recreation areas with all sorts of outdoor activities. Some even have lodging available that is comparable to resort hotels. Since each state subsidizes their system, user fees are affordable.

With a little bit of planning and research, you can find ways to make the most of your travel budget and still come home with happy memories and money in the bank.


Source by Tracy P Kristalakis

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