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Golf is a popular sport that has been enjoyed by men and women for centuries. Although the true origin of golf is up for debt, it is most commonly accepted that the first golf rounds were held in Scotland. With its growing popularity, choosing a golf course can be a bit daunting. Here are some tips to help you find a challenging golf course that suits your abilities.

If you are looking for a golf course to play while vacationing or looking for a local course / country club to play regularly the first thing you'll want to consider is the difficulty of the course. Check out the handicap for each hole. The course maps will usually indicate the handicap for each hole as well as the distance from the tee box to the pin. These are great indicators for the difficulties of the course.

When looking over the course, take note of the amount of hazards there are on the course. If there are a lot of water hazards or sand traps, a new golfer may want to find a different course. These hazards are hard to avoid and can be very discouraging. This is one of the times in life when you do not want to be on the beach.

Be budget conscious. Nothing can ruin a day of golf than feeling like it was worth it financially (maybe having a terrible round is worse, but you get the idea). This number is different for everyone. Some rounds of Golf can be as high as $ 500. For many, that number is just too high. If you are really on a tight budget, consider an executive course, which is only 9 holes.

Consider the facilities. Some courses have a fully equipped restaurant at the turn and two circling beverage carts available to satisfy your needs on the front and back nine. Other courses have a vending machine and public water fountains. Depending on your needs and desires, you may want to consider your need for refreshments while playing.

Look around and check out the layout. Some of the premier courses in the world seem to be carved into the landscape. With tee boxes over looking Pacific front bluffs with crashing waves as a backdrop, some courses look like something out of a movie. Part of the great appeal of golfing is the hours spent outdoors. Having an inspirational view may not improve your swing, but it may improve the overall experience.

Talk to people in the area who have played the course. You can always get better information from those who've played the course. The internet and course literature can only tell you so much. If you are considering a country club membership, ask for a tour of the course or to play a round.

Golfing is an international past time and has been for many years. Today, golfing is so prolific, that there are multiple options for anyone from beginners to experts. Finding the best course for you is an easy task.


Source by TJ Walker

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