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With Easter coming up we have been thinking a lot about Jesus lately. This Easter we are participating in the #PrinceofPeace Easter campaign put on by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The campaign will focus on different principles of peace offered through Jesus Christ. While the campaign focuses on the following 8 principles, we wanted to focus on COMPASSION on the blog.

  • April 9 – Faith: Mark 5:36
  • April 10 -Compassion: Matthew 14:14
  • April 11 – Forgiveness: Luke 6:37
  • April 12 – Repentance: Isaiah 1:18
  • April 13 -Gratitude: John 11:41
  • April 14 -Scripture: Matthew 4:4
  • April 15 – Prayer: Matthew 21:22
  • April 16 – Hope: 1 Cor. 15:19, 22

So what does food storage have to do with compassion? Want to know a super common question we get that we haven’t ever liked to answer:

“If disaster strikes? What are you going to do when people come knocking on your door?!?!?”

When we REALLY think “What would Jesus do” … the obvious answer is — he would turn 5 loaves into enough to feed thousands. Most of us probably won’t have the ability to perform that sort of miracle, in an emergency situation. But perhaps when it comes to Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness, having compassion is actually teaching and sharing with those around us.

Teaching those around you

Last week we posted a link to some resources you could use when making community plans. We hope you saw it and can use them. We have also put together some group lesson plans for families, churches, or communities to use to teach classes on different preparedness principles such as how to use wheat, or why it’s necessary to build a food storage.

We feel strongly that it is the most compassionate thing we can do to teach others the skills necessary to be able to be self reliant in an emergency. Don’t wait until an emergency situation arises, begin the process now. Whether you just share helpful tips, forward our BabyStep Checklists to others, or organize large scale community or church group events … there is something you can do to teach others and help them become more prepared.

Storing extra

The whole purpose of our blog is to teach our readers how to build their own food storage. We have a number of calculators and other tools to help you determine the amounts you need to store for your own families. What if you take that a step further and actually PLAN to store extras so that you really can have compassion on your neighbors, family, and friends should an emergency situation arise. How would it feel to be able to willingly give to others a portion of your stores instead of feeling nervous and agitated about having enough for yourself?

Did you know that you can buy SUPER inexpensive food storage from Home Storage Centers around the world? (Click here to find out if there is one near you.) People used to go to these centers and buy food in bulk and can them themselves there. However, things have changed now and you can just walk in and buy many products already sealed in #10 cans. This is a great place to get your basic, staple, long-term storage products at the best prices. For those who don’t live near a Home Storage Center you can even order ONLINE now with very minimal shipping charges. It’s a great option for the items they do have, although the variety isn’t that awesome. Click here to check out the online store and see what you can get! You don’t have to be a member of the LDS church to be able to shop at either the Home Storage Centers or the online store.

If you want to see the inside of an LDS Home Storage Center check out the fun little trip our friend Al Fox Carraway took to a local home storage center just the other day.

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