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Rejuvenating and updating a bedroom doesn’t need to be major undertaking. You can tackle a bedroom makeover on a tight budget and still get outstanding results. Keep reading to learn how a little creativity and a splash of elbow grease can go a long way.

1. New pillows

Get started by updating your accent pieces. Accessory pillows often retail for under $10 and are an easy way to bring a fresh, new color palette into your bedroom. Layer similar colors for a modern, monochromatic look or create a romantic feel with luxurious fabrics.

2. Fresh paint

A coat of fresh paint is another simple way to update a room without breaking the bank. Touching up the trim and the ceilings will also have a major impact as a new, white ceiling is the best way to brighten a room and make it seem larger.

3. Fix-it furniture

If you want to update your furniture without updating your credit card balance, try working with what you already have. Sanding, painting and upgrading a dresser or wardrobe with new hardware is a simple way to bring a classic piece of furniture back to life.

4. Get skirted

Bed skirts are a simple way to add a touch of soft class to a bed. Opt for a soft and neutral color that either matches the shade of your sheets or goes just a few shades lighter. Your bed will look taller, fuller and much more inviting.

5. Fresh window treatments

It’s time to take down those ratty, old, plastic Venetian blinds. Update your space with pretty new curtains or bamboo flat blinds that will give your room a fresh, contemporary feel. Choose a color that’s light to open the space and allow in sunlight.

6. Get organized

Instantly spruce up and clean up your space by getting rid of clutter, adding extra storage space and reorganizing your room. By donating or throwing away unused or unworn items, you’ll create a more open and less oppressive feel to your room. New shelves are great for small knick-knacks or storing purses in your closet.

When it comes to closet reorganization, it’s best to de-clutter before you start the process of planning out a new closet.

7. Hang some photographs

Create instant artwork by choosing some of your favorite photographs. Have them printed in high-quality black and white. Then, frame them using inexpensive frames. Not only will you give your room a designer look, but you’ll always be reminded of your photo’s memories.


Source by Greg Fisher

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