Designer Weddings With No Budget

25 Oct

You've searched magazines and the Internet. You found gorgeous settings in beautiful places but you can only dream. STOP! You can have the wedding of your dreams with a limited budget. You must remember one thing-when you do not have money you must be willing to replace money with your time and energy.

Now the title of this article is "No Budget" and that is for a reason. If you approach everything you want or need to have at your wedding with the idea that maybe you can get it for free you will find your chances are even better than just, say, getting a discount.

It is a dauntless list of expenditures: dress, reception venue, flowers, invitations, photographer, cake, food and beverages, rehearsal dinner and on and on.

Now how do you get things for free? Be creative and do not be afraid to ask how you can get something for nothing. If you are told no, do not take it personally. Regroup and ask how you can then get it cheaper. And if the place you went to will not do something for free or at a price you can afford ask them for a referral. Always be polite, respectful and honest-you will be surprised how many people will be willing to help you when you have the right attitude. Suggest that you can allow an advertising sign (discreetly placed) and ask if that can offset the cost of the merchandise or services rendered. All someone can say No. No.

Here Is Our Scenario:

Young couple really has no money but thinks $ 3000 is what they could scrap together to spend on the whole wedding. The bride is handling all aspects of the wedding. She has commandeered the help of family and friends to do tasks but she must organize, assign and search key components of her big day. She has one year to accomplish this. Her venue is at the local VFW hall. The time of year is spring. The wedding theme colors are White, Black and Hot Pink.


Three components make for a memorable day:
* The bride looks beautiful
* The wedding reception looks great
* The food is good

It seems to me people that excuse more over dresses and seating arrangements than anything else.

Make a complete list of everything you want for your wedding. At this stage you are gathering data. Put everything on the list you can think of from champagne fountains to ice sculptures. Now get a few people to research and find out prices for these things in an allotted time frame. If someone does not come through then do not get annoyed; take the task or information-gathering activity away from them. Get someone else or do it yourself. (You will spend less time just doing it than the time trying to convince them to help you when they really do not want to.) Now is the time to find out who you can depend on and who you can not. Cut your losses. If they insist they must be involved then give them the less important tasks-it sure beats fighting, and the tears and stress that go with it.

Now find out if the facility has the items you will need. If they do not have the items, then you need to find out if the caterer can supply these items or you will have to find them another way. Many items can be rented for the day. Do not let someone tell you what they have to offer – tell them what you want and work together to get exactly that.

After examining your research start to edit out the things that are too costly or impossible to get. Be realistic. Try to simplify your needs. Your objective is to duplicate many of the ideas you got from your research. If there is something that you want no matter what, now is the time to be creative.

Let's focus on the room itself. Your theme is White, Black and Hot Pink. The VFW has tables, ugly metal folding chairs and not much else. Brown paneled walls and linoleum flooring. Here are some tips to making this space interesting.


* Rent a tent and place bridal table under it for impact and a focal point.
* Rent pipe-n-drape to create a divider to hide unsightly walls or the kitchen entrance.
* Add lighting to areas you want to enhance would detract from unsightly areas.
* Cover chairs in White or Black Chair Covers or add your theme color in a tie to the back of the chair.
* Build a mock-French door and cover it with sheer fabric to create illusion and divide.
* Rent black Chivari chairs instead of the metal ones on site.
* Make centerpieces in theme colors. Change up the head table with complimentary but different decorations. Add clouding (fabric), napkins, tablecloths, chair covers or ties.
* Add runners and / or napkins in either Black or Hot Pink to incorporate the color theme throughout.
* Make sure tablecloths go to the floor to cover table legs. (Find a rental store who can supply sizes needed or have your cater or facility rent on your behalf.)
* Try to avoid using anything paper or disposable during the dinner portion of the meal.
* Place a mock screen or fabric to cover any areas that detract from the event.
* Add interest with contemporary dishes in a square or triangle shape.
* Scatter sparkle and glitter in found objects on the tables.
* Want a specialized fabric? Find a manufacturer.
* Do not just use solid colors in your accent design. Find a black & white pattern for tablecloths or chair ties or a black & hot pink. Remember, colors need to blend – do not fret to match. Different textures dyed in the same color will "appear" off.

Now continue to organize and find items and services you need to complete the day. Ask if anyone will volunteer their services for free or a reduced rate. Network with extended businesses and friends. Place ads on the Internet for situations wanted.


Generally, hired professionals will offer a contract outlining their services and expectations. Read all contracts and ask questions. Know what you are entitled to as compensation if what was contracted for does not happen. Do not overlook having written agreements with friends and family also; whether you are paying them or not. Even if you do not want to get Aunt Betty to sign an agreement by having something in writing all deadlines, wedding dates and times with requirements are outlined. This will minimize the confusion of what people heard and what was said. Do not just do emails on this-give a hard copy as well. Not everyone has email, reads emails in a timely manner or receives it. Whether an agreement is signed or not having documentation is vital to insure what you wanted will happen. All contracted services either by volunteer or paid still have a responsibility to provide what they promised. Just one person or vendor not fulfilling the terms of their agreement could be what ruins your day. Written agreements offer both your requirements and expectations. If someone does not fulfill their end of what was agreed having something in writing gives you a paper trail and a case for legal recourse.

Organize, plan, be realistic, utilize the people around you and do not be afraid to think of solutions or ask for alternative ways to make your day special.

Source by Charlotte A Sorrentino

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