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If you think a self tapping or self drilling screw both are the same, so, you were wrong. Each one of them has different application areas and using them in place of one another can mean disaster. In an order to make the right choice you first have to dig into the pool of knowledge to understand what is the actual difference between the both. Don’t take stress; we are here to solve your confusion. Here is all that you need to know about both types of fasteners, so, let’s get started.

What Is A Self Tapping Screw?

It is a kind of screw that can tap its own hole. In most of the industries, it is used to drill a pilot hole. You can only use such fasteners on to the hard material, otherwise, they get cracked. Most probably, in wood except fragile and can crack application these types of screws are used. Self Tapping Screw Manufacturers offer them in different size options and the choice totally depends upon your application base. Besides, it is one of the common fasteners that is used in the masonry and steel work.

What Is A Self Drilling Screw?

These types of screws have threaded that go from the base of the head to the screw. It’s drilling feature help to create a stronger structural bond. With this type of screw you need a pilot hole with the diameter less than the diameter of the screw, so, it can thread itself into the material. These are used in different types of applications such as carpentry and machinery among more.

What’s The Difference?

The only difference between both the screws is that in addition to tap-like flute in leading threads, it also has a preliminary drill-like fluted tip. However, the use of both the fasteners is the way different from one another. These are also available in wide options to befit different needs.

What Happened If Used In The Wrong Application?

Both screws are different and have their own working purpose using them in the wrong application may lead to poor structural strength, which leads to the failure of the application. Therefore, if you want to maintain the strength of the structure, it is important to use the correct ones in their relevant applications.

From the above, it is clear what the actual difference between the Self Tapping Screw and Self Drilling Screw, so, pick the one you need and take its benefits to the fullest.


Source by Meenakshi Singh

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