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An emergency situation is something that is never seen coming. Generally people do not take emergency situations seriously and will never be fully prepared tackle it. They come in the way of individuals and leave them helpless. But there are certain things that must be done to help give an individual a ray of hope.

There have been numerous disasters that have taken place in recent time, with over thousands of people losing their lives in disasters. This is mainly because they were not prepared or had no idea what to do before any help arrived. An emergency situation is overwhelming for any individual, leaving them confused and not knowing what to do. It is extremely important to know what to do and how to do things during a disaster.

Essential Disaster Preparedness Supplies to Keep:

It is essential for everyone to be prepared during various emergencies. The life of an individual can be saved by taking necessary precautions. There are particular disaster preparedness supplies and box emergency kits that are a must to have during a disaster.

Food and Water Supplies:

Food bars and supplies are vital components that are available and a necessity for emergency situations. They are usually designed in such a way that there is no loss of food. Nutritional bars and water containers prove to be highly beneficial.

Light and Communication Supplies:

During emergencies, one cannot rely on uninterrupted power supply and stable phone lines. Hence carrying a torch or a flashlight is essential for such an event. Besides this, keeping supplies such as batteries, matchboxes, whistles and radio's can help improve the situation. Radio channels are of great help as it can help guide and secure those who are stranded towards safety.

Shelter and Warmth Supplies:

Relying on the surrounding environment for survival is not wise. With a harsh climate that is unfit for survival, carrying supplies such as sleeping bags, towels blankets, and warmers protect people from the harsh environment. Carrying a tube tent helps protect more people at once.

Health and Hygiene Supplies:

A First-Aid Kit is an integral part of a disaster preparedness plan. It can serve any individual who is in need of it. Besides this, carrying antibiotics, a first aid gauze, Tissue packets, Box emergency kits and hygiene kits will take an individual a long way.

Miscellaneous Products:

There are other survival tools that prove to be of great use, especially if the individual is stranded. In an emergency, one must make use of tools such as can openers, Preparedness Seeds, Swiss Knives, Fire-Extinguishers, Gloves, bags, or even other disaster preparedness supplies. Carrying box emergency kits is highly useful for those in dire need of safety.


Source by Alen P Lee

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