Prepare and defend against a disaster


Many of the natural disasters that occur in our country and in places around the world happen in coastal areas. Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Tidal Waves bring about disastrous results because of our failure to be able to respond in "Quick Time". Many of the life threatening injuries and illnesses along with the possibility of starvation could be better dealt with if a system of quick disaster response to such disasters could be devised.

Many times responders are hampered by blocked roads, rempant flooding, electrical failures, no potable water supplies and lack of living quarters for the responders when they do arrive. Because of these problems responders are not able to move in and set up relief stations on a timely basis.

One solution would be to retrofit decommissioned Aircraft Carriers and outfit them to be quick disaster response headquarters that could be on constant alert readiness to move to any area of ??the world where a major disaster occurs. These ships would be equipped with tools and equipment needed to do any and all types of repairs needed to bring the affected areas back to at least limited operational status.

The Carriers would also serve as living quarters for the repair operations workgroups. If necessary the ships could also be used as a temporary residence for stranded victims of the disaster. These Carriers can easily house 5000 plus people and more if reconfigured. They also have medical and dining facilities to serve such a population. Other benefits would be their water desalination equipment for providing drinking water and generators that could help a as temporary power source for the devastated communities.

The workforce could be flown to the scene once the carrier arrives and of course the workforce could be easily ferried to the worksites by helicopter and / or landing craft. Equipment and tools could also be delivered from the Carrier to the worksites by landing craft or helicopter.

The cost of retrofitting a Carrier for such purposes would be extremely expensive but the payback in terms of human lives saved and reduction in human suffering would be worth the costs. There would also be the economic benefits of getting the community's life back to normal much more more than the methods we have employed in previous disasters such as Katrina.


Source by Dick Robers

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