Prepare and defend against a disaster


Many people do not realize that after wars, industrial accidents, or Natural Disasters human civilization not only finds itself in ruin, but also in a very dangerous disease situation. This is somewhat typical and should be expected. After Earthquakes often sewer lines are broken, fire burns toxic flames, and people are exposed to smoke and dust-filled debris. Think about the problems after the Big Tsunami in Indonesia, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, or even the World Trade Center International Terrorists Attacks of 911?

In addressing this issue we have discussed the issues with the World Trade Center as highly toxic and dangerous and one online think tank member states; "I think the disease issues for the clean up along the Gulf will be similar to clean-up issues with people, who were involved with the World Trade Center. . "

You know we should have expected this really. It is a huge issue indeed. I wrote an article about the Lung Diseases from the WTC and cleaning the water and the toxic waste dump in New Orleans as well;




But what can we do in the future to prevent these problems? Well rescue workers, rebuilding crews and residents need to take better precautions you see? One think-tanker stated;

"I think they would have to look at ventilation issues with robots to prevent the innards from being damaged, but that would still be a better solution than the use of humans."

Indeed if we had robots to do the "Dirty Work" and clean up so to speak then of course we could solve some real problems ahead of time with the contamination and disease issues. So maybe we might consider all this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow

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