Prepare and defend against a disaster


In today's world, nothing is certain. Decades ago, when you took a job it meant financial security for the rest of your life if you stayed with it. Employers valued skilled employees.

Not so today.

Employment, the sheer act of having a job, has become a disposable commodity. Employees never really know from day to day if their job will exist tomorrow. Uncertainty plagues the backs of minds all across the country, around the world. It's unfortunate, but treating their employees right, and trying to hang on to the skilled and efficient, appears to be taking a back seat to profits. The catch phrase is "downsizing" which means nothing more then someone (or multiple someones) are about to lose their job.

So what can you do to protect yourself in a shaky world?

Hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands, of individuals and families are turning to the internet to find that one thing that will bring a steady paycheck and build into the business of their dreams. But choosing the proper "right thing" is the stumbling block of most.

We are told to play to our strengths and this is solid advice. However, there are also ways to tap into your until now unknown strengths and build them into a sound business venture.

The best advice, though, is to also take a look closer to home. If disaster should strike, are you financially prepared to take that hit – losing your job? Will you be able to sustain yourself and your family more than a week, a month, several months, or even years?

The answer for most of us is no.

Lucky for many, there are the online opportunities that combine both financial security with an incoming producing revenue. It's discovering the right one, that fits your goals and your work ethic that is the challenge.

The person looking to make a quick buck, or get rich quick, is almost certainly, also the person who has not done a thing to protect himself or herself should the unemployment shoe drop. These individuals will make a bad situation worse.

My best advice is to think not just in the here and now, but down the road. Create stability for yourself online – where you have control. Build to become the master of your own fate, and explore only those potential businesses that will brighten your future.



Source by Janet Giacoma

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