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Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing and accessories. However it is just as important to you look good and hence feel good as it would be for those who have the capacity to spend through their noses and not feel the pinch. You need not be disheartened when you are falling short of money.

You can easily dress for less and still look like a million bucks! The first thing to do is look out for sales. Many stores offer seasonal sales and discounts on their products so you must keep your eyes open for such opportunities. You can save up a little money each month so you can shop till you drop when the sale is near. When a product of clothing is exhibited at a mall the price at which it is being sold is hugely different from it's actual cost price. There are various taxes and excise duties that are levied on the item. However during sale the store drops the price by a percentage so you can buy the clothes at a more reasonable price and the store will still make a great amount of profit. The most sales that happen at a store are during the sale season. So as soon as the holidays arrive, keep a look out for these sales.

The best time for these sales is thanksgiving and Christmas. Stores go berserk with sales during this time and you can use that to your advantage. You can also try online shopping. Websites that are new often offer great promotional discounts so that you recommend the sites to others. You can purchase big brands and their products for up to as much as half off.

Alternatively there are many sites on the internet that have clothes that are cheap yet reliable and smart. You can try looking at their catalogs and select your clothing for what they have to offer. You should keep your clothing simple and wear it with confidence. Confidence is the one feature that can completely transform your image into something as glamorous as a super star even though you have dressed for a budgeted price. How you wear the item of clothing is extremely important and may make all the difference there is. Remember that the best accessory is your smile. Always smile and have a good nature expression on your face so that people are immediately attracted to you.


Source by Alvaro Buckley

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