Prepare and defend against a disaster


Childcare providers are agencies that take up temporary responsibility for children. Disasters can occur at any time and childcare providers are usually prepared for handling the influx of orphaned or undesired children during such emergencies. During the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center in NYC, childcare providers had to relocate thousands of children who were in violation to the terror attack. Prior planning on the part of the childcare providers can prevent loss of life or greater injury.

Childcare providers are usually trained in methods of quick evacuation in case of an emergency. There could be various situations that call for evacuation such as a fire, terror attack or a storm. Care providers are usually well informed of the action to be taken according to the type of emergency. For instance, in the case of fire, childcare providers are trained to try to determine the cause of fire by the color of smoke. This enables them to put the fire out more quickly, by using the right type of extinguishers.

To prepare for medical emergencies, childcare providers are trained in first aid techniques. However, if the condition of a child is critical or does not improve after the administration of first aid, they rush the child to a medical facility.

It is advisable for care providers to consider all bomb threats as real until proven otherwise. All articles that are unidentified should be reported to the authorities. Evacuation should be done through emergency exits in a fast and efficient manner, but organized, manner, ensuring the safety of the children.

Childcare providers have to be aware of the storage area of ??food and water. To prepare for power failures during disasters, emergency lights or battery-operated lamps have to be kept handy. If there is a shortage of drinking water, the available should be used sparingly and rationed.

It is in the best interest of young ones that care providers partake in periodic exercises to test their emergency preparedness abilities.


Source by Alison Cole

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