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Establishing a budget was a sore spot for me, because my wife’s definition of a budget does not match mine. In today’s society, establishing is a needful process. In short a budget is made by establishing a time and schedule for paying debts base on ones income. There is no escaping the necessity of a budget in the modern world we live in.

We all have to work on our own personal Budgets. All of us have different circumstances and different obligations within which our individual budgets must fit.

We have make constant effort to manage our resources properly, no matter how rich or not rich we are. This is another responsibility to be concerned about when establishing a budget.

We don’t want to have to be good managers of our resources; this is a responsibility we would like to avoid. The reality is that we have to establish some kind of budget format. There are ways to budget money that can be just use for whatever.

Perhaps one can consider the following steps when thinking about establishing a budget:

1. Start by simply writing your income per month; this step alone will put you well ahead of many who want to maintain a budget in their heads. The reality is that we are all human, and it is just a matter of time before they forget something very important and than suffer the consequences.

2. List your monthly expenses i.e. rent, mortgage, cable, water, electric power, food. gas, travel.

3. List your other expenses insurance, medical, dental.

4. List your special project i.e. vacation, church trip, family reunion, casino’s.

5. List mad money that you can just spend i.e. coffee, movies, dates and candy

A Budget is a fact of life; even though some of us don’t like them. Budgets are a

reality that must be faced head on, and the sooner the better. There is really no excuse

for not having one because most budgets can be done by using only basic math. Even easier yet, these days, you can pay someone to maintain a budget for you for a relatively low price. Believe me; a budget is well worth your time and investment; it will pay for itself many times over. In closing, the time to establish a Budget is now.


Source by Daniel Belcher

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