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Every day millions of people experience the dreaded fat tsunami.

The sad fact is some people experience the fat tsunami so often they begin to accept it as normal. When I say fat tsunami I'm not talking about the ocean either. Some people may be used to this phenomenon and not even know it occurring. If someone does not notice it, when they do, the fat tsunami can be a life changing event.

The fat tsunami is when you feel the waves of fat all over your body.

The magnitude of the fat tsunami is different for every person and no one is immune.

As personal trainer, fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder I go through bulking and cutting phases throughout the year. The last bulking phase I was eating a lot, getting stronger and gaining what I thought was muscle.

My bulking phase came to an abrupt end.

A client was punching and kicking me during kickboxing training and I felt an unusual phenomenon. The reverberations from the kicking and punching on the kicking pad went through my body and caused the dreaded fat tsunami. I felt breaking of the subcutaneous fat which is fat under the skin. This put an end to my bulking cycle. The next week I did cardio every day and changed my diet to eat fewer calories and more fresh fruits and vegetables. I could not handle another fat tsunami.

If this can happen to a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer it can happen to anyone.

One of my most successful clients cites the fat tsunami for giving him the motivation to change the shape of his body. He was riding in a car on a bumpy road and noticed something which particularly bothered him. You guessed it; he was experiencing a fat tsunami all over his body. The next day he found my website, started a personal training program and joined weight watchers. Forty five pounds later he still recognizes the feeling of the fat tsunami which he gives credit for controlling his diet and stimulating him to continue his exercise program.

Does exercise stop the dreaded fat tsunami?

Whether you are obviously overweight or not so overweight but still experience symptoms of the fat tsunami there is much you can do about it. The first rather obvious solution is to start exercising. Weight training increases your metabolism. Cardiovascular training can burn off excess calories in the way of fat. A combination of the 2 is a superb way of synergistically increasing results.

It takes proper nutrition will stop the fat tsunami in its tracks.

Nutrition is even more important than exercise if you want to stop the fat tsunami. If you are not significantly overweight you may simply be retaining extra water due to excess sodium intake. Sometimes this retained water can make you feel as if you are fat even though you are not. You also may be bloated. This could be caused by eating something which does not agree with you or something you are unknowingly allergic to.

If you are overweight the next time you feel the fat tsunami let it serve as a warning sign. If you do not clean up your diet and start exercising you increase the risk of developing adult on diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease among other problems. This article is meant to be fun, but I assure you having hypertension, atherosclerosis and diabetes is no laughing matter.


Source by Michael Behnken

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