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Fires are a scary thing to have to deal with. They grow as fast as you can say "fire," and they can wreck homes and lives altogether if left to burn unchecked. The recent blazes in Australia are proof enough of the deadly speed and ferocity that a fire can spread.

But you do not have to sit idly by and wait for a disaster to happen. You can do something to prevent this with ample preparation. From simple axes to fire hose reels, it would be best to prepare for the worst and make sure that you have these simple tools near you at all times.

o Fire Extinguishes

Fire extinguishers are the first tools to reach for when you spot a fire. These handy little canisters are designed specifically to control small flames, and will often mean the difference between a snuffed flame and a brunt-down building. Keep them in fire extinguisher cabinets to prevent being jostled around, and always check their expiration dates. You do not want an un-pressurized fire extinguisher just when you need it the most.

o Fire Hose

Fire hoses are the basic tools in a firefighter's arsenal, and are especially vital in large, complexes like schools and office buildings. It may be impractical and grossly expensive to stick a fire extinguisher in every single room, so fixing a few fire hoses on a floor will help solve this problem. Providing ample sources of water, along with coiled hoses in fire hose reels for smoother hose unfurling, will also make the jobs much easier and will allow them to kill the fires faster and without having to carry around one of their own hoses.

o Ax

Although axes are normally associated with firefighters who will bust down a few doors and windows, these little tools will help you get out of a pinch yourself. When you need to get yourself or another person out of a trapped or locked location, like fire escapes or jarred doors, the brute application of force that an ax provides will help break down any barriers to your escape. Just do not be careless and swing the thing around like a madman: use controlled downward swings to keep your balance and apply maximum effect to whatever you are breaking down.

o A Wet Blanket

As simple as it may sound, a wet blanket can actually determine whether you will survive your ordeal or not. It serves not only as a fire-retardant coating, but a smoke filter and coolant device as well. Simply draping a very wet blanket across the body will help you withstand flames and fumes that would normally have killed you. Not only can you save yourself, but you can even share the blanket with as many people as can fit in it.

From simply keeping a blanket and some water around to coiling some hose around a fire hose reel, these are the little things you can do to save yourself and your loved ones from a fire's destructive reach.


Source by Brian Ayling

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