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Everybody makes mistakes; it's simply part of being human. Almost everyone masturbates; it's also part of being human. It's there before quite likely that on occasion a man may make some mistakes when engaged in masturbation. In the interest of good penis health, the following details a few masturbation mistakes which a man might fall prey to. Men should consider themselves warned.


– Going lube-light (or lube-free). When a guy first starts masturbating, it's not unusual for him to do so without any lubrication (other than his own saliva). After all, initial bouts of masturbation often come about as a matter of accident; a young lad is touching his penis and is surprised at how delightful it feels, and so he starts rubbing – and rubbing and rubbing and rubbing. But once a guy has masturbated a few times and is used to it, he needs to start incorporating sufficient lubricant into his routine – especially when he starts extending his sessions from a few quick minutes to much more extended sessions. Yet many grown men still pound away without getting lubed up first. Without lubrication, the penal is going to get raw and sore, and that's no fun.

– Gripping too tight. Yes, of course it feels so good when a guy really squeezes his erect penis-and doing so sometimes or for short periods is fine. But using the notorious "death grip" on the penal frequently and / or for extended periods of time is going to cause serious de-sensitization – and that's no fun. It also may mean that penetrative sex may not feel as good, if the partner partner does not have as tight a grip as one's penis has become used to.

– Getting into a rut. Masturbation is one of the most pleasurable experiences many men have – and so it's no wonder that lots of men masturbate very frequently. There's not necessarily anything wrong with this – except that sometimes a guy can get into a rut. He may reach a point where masturbation is not as pleasurable as it used to be, and that may simply be due to the fact that he always masturbates in the same way. Rectifying this mistake can be easy. If a dude always uses his right hand, switch to the left or use both hand – or threaten the penal against something else, like bedsheets, instead. Those who always masturbate lying down in bed might want to stand up, sit in a chair, or kneel instead. And guys who have never used sex toys might decide to purchase a penis ring or a vibrator and see what kind of difference they make.

– Masturbating behind the wheel. Sometimes a guy's urge to masturbate can be almost uncontrollable. And sometimes when driving long distances by oneself, the boredom can be excruciating. Neverheless, please review the preponderance of photos and videos online showing other, guys should resist the urge to masturbate while they are driving. It's simple too dangerous an activity to engage in while handling a couple of tons of steel. Instead, guys should wait until they can find a men's room to tie themselves – or, barring that, they should at least pull over into a secluded area and safely stop the car before getting handy with themselves.

Often, masturbation mistakes like being over-enthusiastic lead to a raw penis situation, which definitely needs the administration of a first rate penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Penis skin that has been rubbed raw needs to be re-moisturized, so select a crème that contains a combination of high class hydrators, such as shea butter and vitamin E. Too much rough handling, as mentioned, can de-sensitize the penis , so find a crème that also contains l-carnitine. This amino acid is neuroprotective, and can help guard against unwanted loss of penis sensation.


Source by John Dugan

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