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A worst case scenario scientific report predicted that we may very well be living on the South Pole in a hundred years. And even though many people find the idea too ridiculous to contemplate there are others that already feel the effects of global warming.

Some of the parts of the world already feeling the effects of climate change are;

Asia – Bangladesh and India have heavily populated low lying land. Rising sea levels and increase in rainfall due to global warming an increasing problem.

Africa – Increasing drought in an already food short continent.

Australia – Hotter conditions are fueling massive bush fires that are occurring more frequently.

Pacific and Indonesia – Recent earthquakes have caused a major disaster in Indonesia and Samoa is still mourning the after effects of a tsunami, as a result of an offshore earthquake. Rising sea levels also threaten some islands in the pacific. Predicted to be completely under water in the future are Kiribati, Tuvalu and Marshall Islands.

Europe – Yearly flooding is now the norm when snow in the alpines melts. Greece and Portugal are regularly experiencing wildfires during summer heat waves.

Latin America – The Amazon, already threatened by encroaching development is also threatened by increasingly dry weather.

North America – Hurricane Katrina is the worst experienced so far due to rising sea levels and a massive storm surge. The threat from hurricanes is now a yearly occurrence. Bush fires in California have claimed many lives and rising sea levels is also a problem.

The picture is constantly changing and the latest prediction, within the next 20 years the Arctic will be an open sea during summer. A disastrous outcome for polar bears, arctic foxes and many other animals that call the arctic home. The full effect on the rest of us still largely unknown

Source by Dianne Lawson-Jeffreys

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